Jadeite Jade

Jewelry, rough stones and sculptures.

When visiting Myanmar some jadeite jade jewelry would be a good buy because this is one the very interesting things the country has. The other variant of the mineral is nephrite which is mined in other countries including China, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. 

Here it is mined in Hpakan and other sites in Kachin state plus Khamti in Sagaing Region, the most valuable is the imperial or emerald green. When buying expensive items have it checked in an independent lab, don't listen to much what the sales person tells, they all want to make a quick sale and with foreigner prices quickly triple from normal.

Beside of sculptures and selling rough stones jewelry are the most popular items made from such as:

Beautiful jade bangles in various colors
Jade bangles are the most popular jewelry items made from the stone and when they come in imperial green color it would be perfect but also other variants looks attractive
read more.

Chinese ladies really love the material they come from all over Asia to visit the Bogyoke Market in Yangon which is one of the place where they sell the mineral, .

Colorful Jade Bead necklace
Jade beads have a high sales turnover since they can be used for many purposes and because of the size are not so expensive and available in all shades similar to the rainbow they usually come as necklaces and bracelets some smaller also as earrings different shapes are available too read more. 

Jade bracelets with different colors
The common bracelets are rather in the lower price range and easily fit different fashion styles since they are available in multiple colors and shapes just have a look at the picture to the left it gives a good idea read more.

Those are also ideal to bring back from your travel as good looking and not expensive souvenirs, .
Pretty green necklace with diamonds
Necklaces are probably the most prominent items for body decoration since they are always placed on a very strategic point below the head.

They focus the view and can become very expensive quick in a combination as shown at the left picture where jadeite pearls is blended with white gold and diamonds. This a Myanmar diamonds, most people don't know that the country has substantial resources of the white stone, read more.

RingspendantsOther items are Jade Buddhas which are carved or rather drilled from stones, colors are green, white, lavender, pink, purple, red, green, blue, black, yellow, transparent and variants of it.

Myanmar Jade Buddha

Great laughing Jade Buddha are great decorative items in every home or office, of course also in a temple. This are the best selling statues carved from the mineral. The preferred color is white and the range is from around 10 cm to less than a meter. If bigger is required it needs at custom made, price range is from around $ 200,- to 40 thousand, read more.

There are two variants of mining

The traditional method of searching for jade by walking bare-footed in the river and collecting it was the most common for thousands of years. For long time this was the only way to mine since the tools and heavy machinery was not available until recently.

underground mining
Mining at Mogaung

Underground mining >

This days it's dynamite and bulldozers to break the mountain apart to extract rocks, stones and boulders, they are open pitch and underground.
rough green Burma jade at the emporium in Naypyidaw
E.g. in 2001, a giant jadeite stone was discovered in Priyakant of Kachin State. It was found at about 13 meter below ground and was covered by serpentine as being the dyke. 

The object had various colors including pale green, violet and others, its crystal was with good composition. Similar stones and boulders are found continuously, some smaller, other bigger and most are sold to Chinese buyer who deliver them to the factories there which satisfy a ever growing market.
Light blue Burma Jade Sculpture
White Jadeits Sculpture

Variants of jade colors as cabochons

The history tells interesting stories.

Chinese jade pink color carving
about the Chinese who used the mineral to show their wealth. The nephrite they used had all specifications required, actually the material was mined in Turkestan and carried eastwards.

There it was beautifully carved (rather drilled) and formed into pieces of art.

This gemstone is known for about 5000 years. In prehistoric ages people used it 
for weapons, tools and jewelry, among other. 

At about 3000 B.C. it was already known as the royal gem with similar value as gold and diamonds. The cultures in the Americas such as Mayas, Aztecs, Olmecs and other also valued it higher than gold, in ancient Egypt it was highly appreciated.

jade mountain in Kachin State

The famous Jade Mountain was at K'un Lun in South-East Turkestan. In the original quarries there a rather small amount of green jadeite was also mined, but the main was nephrite.

Because of it's rarity and demand prices were always quite high.

Over the years people started to understand the properties of the materials and tried to produce fakes with all kind of tricks. The found out that metallic oxides and trace elements were active in producing the colors. Countless attempts were made to manipulate it into so called "imperial green" from white nephrite >.
jade gift for birthday

Symbols for the State worship of the Heaven, Earth plus the 'Four 
Quarters', were made from and valued just like gold in the West.

When the K'un Lun mines reached exhaustion > in the thirteenth-century a virtual gift from heaven came in form of the discovery of huge quantities of jadeite in Kachin State. Now the "jade rush" into the south started and is still on even today, only the mining methods are much more efficient today. It was somehow similar as with the Spanish search for gold in the Americas.

Burma jade trade with rough gems
Jade trade with rough stones >

After production and trade was established.

The "good stuff" was finally found, that was translucent green jade, which is very rare and valuable. There was plenty of the green stuff at Mogaung, which covered the whole spectrum of shades.
Kachin tribal area
Caravan in Kachin tribal area

Laden caravans set out for China, and were regularly ambushed and looted although most got through. 

The emperors even fought a war with the Burmes to get hold of the Mogaung area. Today all  this is still going strong, the only difference is no weapons are used but dollars. 

Jade Production in Burma is monopolized to keep prices high.

Burmese Jade Quarries
This is no big deal since all mines are located in Kachin state in the north. Only the extraction methods are different today with explosives and heavy equipment.

On top of it most better mines changed "hands" to Chinese via proxies and some simply took the Burmese citizenship to make it look better. 

The only subject which is still the same today is trade, most of the good material is smuggled into Yunnan province right away although many material lands at the biannual emporium in Naypyidaw which was held in Yangon before. 

green rough burma jade
Jade price


Visiting Bogyoke Market in Yangon

Burmese jade at Bogyoke Market Yangon
Bogyoke Market Yangon
This is the premier precious stones market in the country and probably in the world. There are plenty of valuable items at probably fifty jade shops within the compound. Its very diverse, some shops have pendants and bracelets, others have ethnic jewelry where the green stone is a  part of the composition usually in form of pearls, corals. 

Maybe the most impressive are Jade Buddhas, the statues, sculptures and figurines come in various flavors, there is imperial green in the upper price category. L
avender is a bit 
lower priced and white again a bit below. Some are encrusted with gold and ruby dust they look real great and expensive just as some newly rich like it to show what they have. 

Here are some more pictures from the bazaar. 

Laughing Jadeite Buddha
Chinese type Buddha
White jadeite sitting Buddha with ruby and gold dust decorationFat white laughing BuddhaSome jade history
Green and lavender colored sculptures
jade buddha sculpture

Myanmar jadeite is popular,

Myanmar jade
Colorful bracelets

there is a continuous stream of people moving into the market to buy it. The spectrum is wide, from the $ 10,- bangle to the Buddha sculpture for up to around $ 50.000,- just wrap it up pay cash since credit card just started to work again (2014) but not as smooth as elsewhere.

Money transfers were also blocked by the old colonial stone heads, called English who did everything to make the locals miserable since the generals didn't make "the Kotau", the Yankees do what the English say and naturally both are wrong, they lifted part of the finance restriction now (2014) The whole mess the country is in today has been created by the English and US, everything else is a result of it, the problem is, the "stiff upper lips" don't understand this. 

For the Chinese the stone is not 

Chinese Nephrite Jade
Chinese Nephrite

a ‘dead’ substance; it's somehow a living substance and they have very pretty carvings they take in the hand and do jade massage. This idea come from long time ago since it was associated with the five main virtues charity, courage, modesty,  justice and wisdom. They also ground it into powder and took it together against various maladies among other against kidney problems.

Already since very long ago the Emperor drunk the powdered mineral for some ceremonial purposes. This was for good for everything  by using homoeopathic portions.

Chinese jade colors

jade bangle colors

In colonial times the gemstone was so abundant that Shan used it as door-stoppers.

bangles with plenty of colors
Bangles with plenty of colors

Business at Naypyidaw Emporium

Business at Naypyidaw Emporium

If good texture, excellent translucency and color for jewelry and sculptures

the item is very valuable. The gems are heavier and brighter than other precious stones of a similar size. When its composition is smooth it is accepted as a quality gemstone.

Purple blue or hyacinth blue are also of reasonable value. At the biannual Emporium plenty is 

rough Burmese jade blocks

are up for sale in for of slabs of various colors and sizes. For a rough block of 2 kg directly from the mine with a deep green US$300,000 are asked and for a two-tonne boulder of light green jade with dark veins about US$180,000 is set a price tag.

great jadeite carving
Great carvings
Jade Carved Eggs for Hand Massage
Carved Eggs for Hand Massage

nephrite jade jewelry

Burmese Jade Bangle
Burmese Jade Necklace

jade pearl chains made in Burma
Jade beads chain >

Jade Jewelry Ear Clips

Jade Buddha Pendant in green
Buddha Pendant >
lavender color pendant with green veins

lavender and green color pendant

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